Landon is 1

There is nothing like a cake smash to help document that first year of life.I feel like it has almost become a rite of passage.  Landon was pretty funny. At first he wasn’t sure about this whole cake thing and then he embraced it eating almost every bite.

Cake :Little girl big cakes


95 Years Young

Imagine what you advice you could offer after 95 years. Imagine the stories you could tell. I had the privileged of photographing Mo’s birthday portraits along with the rest of his extended family. He will celebrate his 75th wedding anniversary with his wife Lilian later this year.  An absolutely delightful family. I hope your dinner party was wonderful. 3T9A0708



Baby Waylon

Photographing this little was pretty much a walk in the park. She was happy to snuggle into any prop I put her in. Loved watching her and her older sister together.  This is the 5th child for this family and you can feel the love in this home! 3T9A96383T9A96653T9A97013T9A97433T9A97243T9A97113T9A96353T9A9786-23T9A9769-23T9A9761-2

Lane & Inga- Engaged

I dont shot engagement sessions too often in the winter. When I realized that the Ice Castle was opening a few days before our session I couldn’t resist. These two were amazing. It was -22C while we were shooting. Everything was cold and there were times they were literally sitting on the ice.

As a general rule camera equipment will start to fail around -18 C. As we shot I felt the focus slowing down. We wouldn’t have gotten an ice castle this empty if the weather had been warmer. lt was so worth it!

Lane & Inga are very warm and kind . I met them originally when I was shooting a destination wedding in the Dominican.I am so excited to travel with them to Mexico this summer to photograph their wedding.


Maternity Marla

This gorgeous mom to be is expecting her fifth child in early January. Isn’t she stunning! We talked about her session for a while and she wanted to do something completely different. We had a lot of ideas, but mainly she wanted a totally unique photo session that completely reflected her . I think we totally delivered 🙂 I really feel that these images tell a story . It was just a fun creative session to be involved with.



The Hoogenberg Family

We always split our sessions every year between inside and out . One of my favourite traditions that mom does is the framed photograph of the year before. Each child holds a picture of themselves one year ago. That is going to make for some amazing memories to look back on one day! l will see you next year Hoogenberg family in the mountains. So looking forward to that!



Omer & Heather – Nov 4, 2017

As a photographer, I hold the belief that few things are more beautiful or striking than the golden hour and pure gold seemed to be streaming in through the trees during this intimate and stunning wedding. This was my shortest wedding of the year. I was only with Heather and Omer for two hours but that was all the time needed to see just how perfect these two are.

Their wedding took place at the beginning of the month as a fresh blanket of snow graced us with its presence here in Edmonton. Heather, who should have been wearing a super suit under her dress, braved the cold weather and snow-covered ground, hiking through it in her heels without complaint as I shivered in my winter coat and boots. I was in awe of her, her composure, and the natural warmth she emitted while around her friends and family. This was a small wedding. Friends and family sat at their tables at the venue while Heather and Omer said, “I do,” under a beautiful arch twinkling with lights. The ceremony was short, simple, and sweet–the love tangible. For me, this was the perfect introduction to the winter months. Heather and Omer, I wish you both endless joy. Congratulations.


Venue : Broadmore Golf Course

Hair:  Behind the Purple Doors Hair Studio, Stephanie Carr







Baby Cameron

One of the things I noticed most about this session was how sweet his sibling were on him. They clearly seem to be welcoming this little man with open arms.

This sweet little one made me work a bit for it! I would do it again though in a heartbeat. Welcome to the world Cameron! 3T9A99613T9A99733T9A99823T9A99923T9A00373T9A00283T9A00233T9A00443T9A00663T9A0074

Jones Sister Graduation Session

Picture this: it’s late October and the golden hour is upon you, the sun peeks through the nearly bare trees. It’s the perfect setting for any photography session, but add a few smoke grenades and two sisters who recently graduated, one from high school and one from university, and it’s almost magical if not a little creepy. I had a blast shooting celebrating with Mattia and Sabryn during this session. For two girls who love Halloween and each other, this session was perfect. Our session resulted in some beautiful, moody photographs, very different from my usual airy and bright signature, but I think the outcome was hauntingly beautiful. Congratulations, girls, and happy Halloween to all of my clients!