The Butterfly Effect

It has been said that a butterfly is a sign from heaven of someone you once lost.

The Richards family lost their son Prescott suddenly in January while on family vacation . All of their friends got together to raise butterflies so they could release them in Prescott’s  honour.  It was wonderful to see all of the people there and the look on the kids faces as they let each butterfly go. It was a beautiful thing.


Brett is Graduating

I have photographed Brett and his family since he was a child ! Suddenly he is graduating… Life is such a blessing . I love that i get to be a part of this families journey. And can you believe how much handsome this young man has become!  I feel like such a proud auntie .  Congratulations Brett. I wish you all the success that life can possibly bring you.3T9A85373T9A85733T9A87103T9A86783T9A86483T9A86583T9A87363T9A8628


The MacDonald Family in Spain

I loved the location that this family picked for their pictures. I mean you just dont get this kind of detail in Canada. Look at the backgrounds! Just inspiration for days… These photographs were taken in Barcelona at Parc Guell. It was a pleasure to meet you MacDonald family. I hope I get to photograph you again on the Pamana Canal in 2020 !


Vitamin Sea

This session was a mix of a senior session and a family one. I photographed this Alaskan family on the Disney Magic Transatlantic and in Barcelona.

Max is celebrating his graduation from high school. Next year he is off to college! This alone is an accomplishment for any one, but for Max it is extra sweet. Max has Aspergers. I asked him what it was like at his age. As a mom to an autistic child I really wanted to know. All that he said to me was that he does things differently.  During our time together Max was charming and took direction well.

You can see the amazing support system he has through his family. They are also incredibly warm and kind people. I wish you all the best Max in the future. Thank you so much to the Demeritt family for trusting me with your memories.


The picture below was taken in Cabanas. Max said it was his favourite place in the ship. It is where the buffet is located ! 3T9A40283T9A40153T9A39833T9A41163T9A77433T9A78143T9A7762

25 Years Together

I was lucky enough on our vacation to be able to photograph this gracious couple. Mike & Lara are celebrating 25 years of marriage. I had a wonderful time exploring the Disney Magic with them. It was so much fun and they are truly relaxed in front of a camera. And the light- I don’t think I will see another sunset like that this year.. maybe even in this lifetime. 3T9A3621



Landon is 1

There is nothing like a cake smash to help document that first year of life.I feel like it has almost become a rite of passage.  Landon was pretty funny. At first he wasn’t sure about this whole cake thing and then he embraced it eating almost every bite.

Cake :Little girl big cakes


95 Years Young

Imagine what you advice you could offer after 95 years. Imagine the stories you could tell. I had the privileged of photographing Mo’s birthday portraits along with the rest of his extended family. He will celebrate his 75th wedding anniversary with his wife Lilian later this year.  An absolutely delightful family. I hope your dinner party was wonderful. 3T9A0708