You can feel the love that Angel and Mason have for each other through their photographs, and they made sure to incorporate that love into every aspect of their wedding day. They were married in front of their home, surrounded by friends and family, and ensured that their children were just as much a part of the ceremony as they were. During the vows, Angel even held their baby boy. They planted a tree in their garden, symbolizing the growth of their love and family. The capacity for love that these two have is inspiring.

When the bridal party stopped in at a liquor store before formals, I knew that the day was going to be eventful. I’ve never had an entire bridal party walk across a river for formals. They were willing to do anything to get beautiful shots, even allowing me to go over on our time and make them late for their reception. They turned wedding formals into works of art.





Before the ceremony, Angel and Mason were both backed into the same room and recited personal vows without ever stealing so much as a glance at the other.




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