Rain, while an unwelcome guest to many weddings, was something like an old friend for Jordan and Rayna. It was present during their engagement session and it was present on their wedding day, parting just an hour before the ceremony that took place in an adorable gazebo on a sandy beach in the Dominican.

Jordan was a groomsman at Carlos and Lauren’s wedding, that’s where I first had the pleasure of meeting him. He’s an incredibly kind person who takes life day by day and finds the joy in every situation, these qualities mixed with Rayna’s understated elegance, grace, and compassion makes their love story one of complete sense. But perhaps the most remarkable thing about these two are the people they surround themselves with.

The group of 40 that flew out for the wedding made me feel like family and even went so far as to call me cousin Julie for the week. The love within this group was tangible and obvious from the first night, despite the broken leg and several bruises that resulted from an impromptu competitive soccer game. I could sit at any table and strike up a conversation with any person and feel as if we were old friends catching up after a few years. I want to thank everyone who was in attendance for making me feel like a part of your wonderful family and to Jordan and Rayna, thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful love story. I wish you two nothing but the best.



The following shots have become somewhat of a tradition among the boys getting ready with this group of friends.


3t9a2502The First Look

I love it when a couple decides to do a first look. It is a chance for this little moment to be about the two of them . And we get some beautiful intimate photos as well.














One Reply to “Jordan & Rayna- November 22, 2016”

  1. Awe…what beautiful photos and thank you for being there we so enjoyed your wonderful personality! I can’t agree more about the group of friends that surrounds Jordan and Rayna…so respectful to us older ladies! Rain or no rain, it was a memory I will never forget.

    Auntie Patti

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