Ray and Kayi’s tea ceremony was an important part of their all-day wedding affair. The day began for Kayi at 5 a.m. for makeup. Watching how the ceremony started was so interesting. These two are very much in love, and that was evident on their faces. The remainder of the wedding and the three dress changes will be featured on Thursday’s blog post.

Please correct me if I am getting any of these traditions incorrect. The day begins with the crashing of the gate: the groom and the guys can’t get inside the hotel room until they negotiate the amount of red pocket money to give to the bridesmaids.


Then the games begin. The men must pass the test in order to get the bride to come out of her room. 3T9A98643T9A98563T9A98443T9A98663T9A9875Then, finally, the groom must win over the bride’s affections with his vows.



3T9A99673T9A99283T9A99353T9A99253T9A99563T9A99443T9A00753T9A00823T9A01403T9A0177Stay tuned on Thursday for the reminder of the blog post for Kayi & Ray’s wedding.

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