Kayi & Ray’s custom song by : Hitched Creations – Make sure you press play first

The weather outside wasn’t too frightful on the day of this winter wonderland wedding. Our beautiful bride braved everything that Jack Frost had to throw at her and kept her spirits warm and inviting for her guests and everyone involved in the day. It started with a traditional tea ceremony in the morning, which I blogged about earlier in the week, and then moved onto the wedding ceremony at the church and the reception venue at the McDonald Hotel. It’s hard to describe this wedding and give it the justice it deserves; the only word that seems even remotely appropriate, I’ve decided, is opulent. This was an opulent affair, something straight out of a fairy tale—or a Hallmark Christmas movie. Sometimes, I meet brides and grooms who are rather camera shy and take some time to adjust to be the centre of attention, but I’m not sure Kayi and Ray were even aware that a camera was in front of them. They entered their own little world, complete with secret looks and stolen kisses that could make any snowman melt even on the coldest of days.

As many of you know, I am the principal photographer for Hitched Creations and over a year ago at Bridal Fantasy we held a contest for one lucky couple to win all of our services for free. Kayi and Ray were that couple. It’s funny how fate intervenes, because without the contest I wouldn’t have been there on their day, up close and personal with a pair of Jimmy Choo’s and surrounded by a language I don’t understand but still grasping every important detail while watching Kayi and Ray staring at one another up at the altar. Honestly, I felt like the lucky one.

Kayi and Ray, I wish you two so much love and joy in your new life together.


Tea Ceremony and Reception Venue: MacDonald Hotel

Hitched Creations Team

Music and custom song: Carlos Calleja of Hitched Creations

Photography: Julie Jackman and Mattia Jones (second shooter) of J Jackman Photography 

Videographer:  Primary- Dave Hiebert, Alejando Cast

Wedding Planner: Sappho’s Design- Diana Sikanj

Vocals for Nice Dress : Carlos Calleja & Rebecca Rose





















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