A creative is an artist. … A creative is an individual. She is unique, someone who doesn’t quite fit into any box.

This summer we are going to feature a few of Edmonton creatives. I wanted to make a point of acknowledging a few of these amazing humans. 

Meet Chantel. She owns my favourite scrapbook store in the city. For the last twelve and a half years she has made her living creating beautiful layouts and inspiring those around her. Her store Treasured Memories is full of pretty much anything you need to create that perfect layout.  I can’t tell you how many hours over the years I have spent there in the crop room creating things with the pictures I have taken.

She is also a mom to three darling little girls. I asked her what inspired her and Im going to leave you with her own words because I think it sums everything up perfectly.

“I would say that I’m inspired by the generation I have grown up in. Life is so full of creativity, freedom and diversity in every possible form. It excites me and inspires me to always be creating, expressing and growing so I can make a mark on this world like it made on me.. Im definitely most inspired by other people living their fullest and truest lives. What a gift that is to see! ”





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