3T9A8492Today I am pleased to introduce you to today’s creative Tanis. She is an actress from Vancouver. She has worked on more television shows and movies then I can list. 


3T9A8536I met Tanis back when she was teaching television acting classes in Edmonton. I was one of her students. 3T9A8510

We are taking a different focus with this blog post. They say that your entire life can change in an instant. It’s something that is hard if not impossible to understand till you have lived it . 

On Feb 1,2018 Tanis was driving home from the set of Super Girl. She was hit by a man running a red light. The car she was driving flew into the air before catching on fire upon landing. Her back was shattered on impact. She was pulled out of the burning vehicle by witnesses. IMG_6715IMG_2069

“I laid on the cement in the middle of the highway next to my burning car as the ambulance came & took me to the trauma unit at The royal Columbian hospital,” Tanis said.


The list of injuries is extensive …

Burst L1 spinal fracture,

TBI (traumatic brain injury)whiplash, neck & TM (jaw) injuries, broken nose, ribs, wrist, knee and hip injuries. 

Tanis spent a week in hospital in Neurological trauma care. After being released from hospital she spent three  months in a hospital bed with a full torso back brace in excruciating pain. Her life for the past 18 months has been a daily struggle. 


She credits her husband Jason for being an amazing support system. 

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Jason. His world also changed drastically in an instant- and he has been more supportive and strong than I could ever imagine. “3T9A92333T9A87303T9A87323T9A8881

Physio appointments, massage and doctor appointments still fill her days even 18  months later. The journey to healing is still ongoing. She makes the choice everyday to get out of bed and keep moving. 


I have always looked up to Tanis. And I find so much strength in her tenacity. 

“My eyes have been opened in so many ways. I’ve seen how quickly and drastically life can change. I realize I took simple things for granted. I look at every person differently now. A person may look ’normal’ but be suffering intensely inside- physically and/or psychologically. Not everyone who is struggling looks that way on the outside. 

So be kind. So be patient. Be loving.”


Today she stands because she refuses to give up. 


She also credits her rehab team (Physiomoves) , her family, friends, the sun , the ocean and music. 



She is asking for a few songs to add to her playlist. I’m going to attach the playlist at the bottom here so if you have anything to add please do. 

The inspired song list…

“Fight Song” Rachel Platten

“Reaper” Sia

“Tightrope” The Greatest Showman 

“Unstoppable” Sia

“Found/Tonight” Ben Platt & Lin Manuel Miranda

“Broken & Beautiful” Kelly Clarkson 

(& almost any great Musical Theatre, of course;)

Please leave your comments here with music suggestions….

What songs inspire you?

What’s your “Fight Song”?

6 Replies to “Because I Lived- Tanis’ Story”

  1. Went through my library and found some songs that had an impact on me. Hope they bring a smile, head nod, or happy tear.
    Sigor Ross – Hoppipolla
    Come and Get Your Love – Redbone
    Wasting Time – Nathaniel Rateliff
    H.S.K.T. – Sylvan Esso
    Buona Sera – Louis Prima
    Feel Like Funkin’ it Up – Rebirth Brass Band
    Glorious – Macklemore
    Shiny Plastic Bags – The Fugitives
    Angel from Montgomery – There are to many good covers to mention here, Bonnie Raitt has a great one
    The Story I Heard – Blind Pilot
    Mr Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra
    All We Ever Knew – The Head in the Heart
    Holocene – Bon Iver (This is more of a cathartic one)
    Ghostwriter – RJD2 (a good grove for the background)
    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters – Elton John

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