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Please email me for a phone number if you have any questions and wish to speak to me directly

13 thoughts on “Contact Information”

  1. Randi Otto said:

    I am only 10 weeks pregnant but my friend JESSICA’S pictures of julianna are so adorable i was wondering if i can prebook my materanity shots and new born combo im due march 11 2011

    • So happy that you like Jessica’s picture. There are more to come too- just actually editing them right now. We can book you right now if you would like. My maternity/newborn package is $225. Maternity pictures are usually done around weeks 30. I looked and for you it would be around early Dec to early Jan. The newborn session we can book and change if we have to. Just let me know what date you want. By booking now you will get your choice.

  2. You gave me your card at strollercise and I just wanted to say that I have looked through your site and I love your pictures. I saw one of the pictures you must have taken of your son that day in his little hat and he looks great. We will definitely be contacting you for the next round of pictues for the girls.

  3. Hi
    Im a friend of the Bennett-Bellrose family and i was really really interested in getting a quote and maybe booking a session with you for my family could you please e-mail me a contact number?

  4. Hi Bernadette

    I shoot with the Canon Rebel XTI. I have owned 3 or 4 canon cameras and they have always been my favorite. As long as you stick to Canon or Nikon. They are both of good quality.

  5. Erin Kenny said:

    Hi Julie, I was wondering if you would be able to get my husband, myself and our 18month old daughter in for a session in the next couple weeks. We are hoping to get some photos done for X mas. If you could get back to me that would be great. Thank you

    • Hi Erin
      I am sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I know I read something like this, but I couldn’t find the email. My weekend are completely booked at this point. I could take you on a weeknight to get you in. The 30th, Dec 1st or the 2nd is pretty much it at this point. Hopefully one of those days will work for you. Are you looking for outside/inside? Just keep in mind to catch the light outside we need to start by 3pm at the latest. If you respond to we can work out the details.

  6. Glenda Konrad said:

    Hi there, I was looking at Jessica Hyslops photos that you took and loved them.
    I was wondering a few things…
    How long ahead does one have to book and once you’ve taken the pictures, how long does it take to get the disk with the pictures on it?
    thanks so much for your time.

    • How far to book in advance pretty much comes down to the time of year you are booking. Jan- March around a month is probably good. If you are looking at fall I would say 2 months in advance because it fills up very quickly. As far as editing time it does vary- depending on the work load. Usually I would say 2-3 wks for a family session.

  7. Diana Chiernyk said:

    Hi Julie,
    I took a baby/mom aquafit class with you at the YMCA way back when…that baby is now 2 and half! We were blessed with another baby boy on Nov 24th and were hoping to have some newborn pics done. The pictures on your website look beautiful! Wondering if you could send me some info on price and when you would be available. Thanks Julie…look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Pamela Digout said:


    I heard about you at my mom’s group and I was wondering if I could arrange a mini session with you for my family. I love you pictures.
    Thanks, Pam Digout

  9. Kevin Wagner said:

    Hi i head about you from Randi Otto and kinda want to get some pricing on pregnancy photos. My wife is currently 28 weeks and would like to get some done at 9 months and new born and so on. If you could let me know asap. Thanks.

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